On August 20th , 2021 SSU was granted the right by National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement to implement the short-term vocational training program "laboratory medical technical assistant". The program was elaborated by Sukhumi State University  with it's 3 partner organizations: National Center for Disease Control and Public Health(NCDC), Richard Lugar Center for Public Health Research, EVEX hospitals, Aversi clinic.

Every person holding a Bachelor's degree in life sciences and medicine, who would like to deepen their knowledge in this field, improve practical skills, and become a qualified, competitive professional in accordance with current market requirements. Program duration is 24 weeks.


After achieving the learning outcomes  in the framework of the professional training program, the graduate will receive a state-recognized certificate with an appendix, which states and confirms  the knowledge and skills one obtained in the framework of   the program.


 One can be employed in any of the following types of medical laboratories: general clinical, biochemical, immunology-serological, microbiological, molecular-genetic, (histology-cytological). Also, the graduate will be eligible to work  ias a phlebotomist in the forensics laboratory and/or blood bank.


Program registration and application

A prerequisite for admission to the professional training program is a bachelor's degree in natural science, as well as an academic degree of bachelor of medicine and bachelor of pharmacy. After application, a personal interview will take place for selection of candidates.


Duration of the program - 24 weeks

For application please register via:


The program is funded by the N(N)LE-Skills Agency.


Registration deadline: April 13, 2023 inclusive


You will receive additional information about the documents after registration. Please be sure to specify a valid e-mail when registering.

Contact information: Marina Pochkhua
cell: 599900444  
email: mpochkhua@gmail.com