Despite reasonable theoretical teaching, academic education in biomedical sciences is, similar to other countries of the former Soviet Union, barely developed in Georgia. In particular, practical training of analytical skills and autonomous research activities of young researchers in life science is of utmost importance, but state-of-the-art laboratories are not available yet in Georgia for student education in life sciences and biotechnology.

Our training modules comprise theoretical and practical education through SSU and TMSU faculty as well as site visits of international experts in molecular / cell biology. The final aim is to raise the level of scientific education in life sciences to international standards, to provide students with a theoretical and practical education in molecular diagnostics and biotechnology and to enable successful application of graduate students at renowned international PhD programs.

On the long term, our project will significantly contribute to improvement of education of Georgian students in biosciences and medicine, to nationwide improvement of molecular diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities, and finally to improved quality of life and advances in Georgian economy.